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The Organization of Online Pipe Smokers (OoOPS) welcomes YOU. If you are interested in pipe smoking, pipe collecting, or tobaccos, we offer these pages to inform you about our wholesome and delightful hobby. If you are informed and/or delighted by your visit here, we will experience a warm glow. Or, maybe that's just the hot ashes spilling out of our pipes into our laps. No matter, enjoy yourself!
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This and the accompanying pages have been produced by Ray Bromley, a charter member of OoOPS. Send comments or suggestions to

Ray Bromley

This page and its images are copyright 1996 by Ray Bromley.
All pipes on this page were crafted by Alberto Bonfiglioli.

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The Organization of Online Pipe Smokers...

OoOPS is an online pipe club. Members "meet" by sharing information about their pipe and tobacco interests in our Membership Directory. The Directory is updated and sent out via e-mail every month. Using the Directory, members can find other folks who share their interests or who have items to trade. They then communicate through e-mail and start corresponding. It's that easy.

Also, OoOPS publishes a newsletter, Blowing Smoke, every month. Blowing Smoke contains articles about pipes, tobacco,and other similar diversions. It also contains personal ads listing items for sale, items members are seeking, and personal greetings. The latest edition of Blowing Smoke (with member information deleted) and past issues are also available here,on the OoOPS web page.

OoOPS membership is not for everybody, but if you want to contact people who share your interests, or who might have tried a pipe or tobacco you are thinking of trying, knowing who to write to can be quite a comfort. To get in on the fun, you just fill out a simple Membership Application (no applicants are denied, if that's holding you back), and we do the rest. The Membership Application asks you about pipe interests and the like, but it is not a test. You can take as much time as you wish in filling it out. No one will evaluate your answers, and we promise not to laugh and make fun of you (unless, of course, you write something really funny).

"What's the catch?" you may be thinking. Well, it may shock you, but we don't have one. OoOPS membership is FREE. We don't want anything from you. OoOPS is a public service (hey, it was this or pick up trash on the highways). OoOPS membership is still not taxed in the U.S. and its possessions. It is fat free and cholesterol free. It will not promote tooth decay. Plus, it actually kills the germs that can cause bad breath. (Sorry, I got carried away) Still, it is a bargain at the low price of zero.

With all of the talk of internet security, you may wonder,"But what about all that information I give out? What if all tobacco users are herded together into re-education camps in which Congressman Waxman constantly mumbles 'Just say "NO" to pipes' into a feedback-prone public address system? What if something worse happens, like my name falling into the hands of multi-level marketers of pipe cleaners? Will I be safe?" Well, rest assured that no one will ever see your information, or even know that you are a member of OoOPS, unless he or she is a fellow member of OoOPS. We don't sell, swap, or give out member information to ANYONE. Wild horses couldn't drag it out of us. Neither could those Lipizzaner things.

Sure, I'll join OoOPS

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The OoOPS PipeThe OoOPS Pipe (images/chubby.jpg)

(shown at about 1/2 actual size)
OoOPS does not sell pipes. However, Alberto Bonfiglioli, one of our Charter Members, is a successful pipemaker. Alberto wanted to commemorate the founding of OoOPS with a Special Edition OoOPS pipe. The OoOPS pipe has the letters"OoOPS" stamped on the shank (but not in letters nearly as large as are shown on our logo). Neither OoOPS nor any of its members (except Alberto) get any money if you buy an OoOPS pipe. In fact, the only thing the club gets is about a .3 x1.0 centimeter "ad" on your pipe. But, we'll take all the advertising we can get.

Still, since this is the first (and so far, the only--hint, hint) product named after our club, we figure it deserves all the publicity our self-promoting impulses and energies allow. Hence, this shameless and crass endorsement. In honor of the pipe, and the fact that it has our acronym emblazoned on it, OoOPS pipe owners will be honored in our newsletter. Thus, they will experience about 15 nanoseconds of fame (depending on the speed of the readers' modems). Even better, they get a great excuse for spilling ashes on the carpet ("Hey, this is my OoOPS pipe. I have to be clumsily smoking it!!!!!!") So amaze your friends and astonish your loved ones with your official OoOPS pipe. Admit it, you need this pipe.

We understand that Alberto is selling them for $75 in sandblast finish and $95 in smooth, shiny finish.
To order, e-mail Alberto Bonfiglioli at

Go to Alberto's HomePage to see other neato stuff
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Please fill out as many of the following as you feel comfortable. If you have no preference or information, leave the field blank. These questions are just so other members can get to know you.

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If you answer "no," and you get such information or ads sent to you unsolicited, the member who sends you the ad will be dropped from the group.
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Why Pipes Are Better

Pipes are not like cigars or cigarettes. Pipes are much harder to smoke. One requires more than a match and a mouth to smoke a pipe. It takes practice to properly load tobacco into the pipe and to keep it lit.A good tobacconist can show you how it is done. Alternatively, you can look at the a.s.p. Frequently Asked Questions or the AITSIndex to get a primer.

Yet, although pipe smoking is the only kind of tobacco use that does require skill and practice, it is also the most rewarding. Here's why.

Pipes are better than cigars...

There is nothing "wrong" with cigars. Many pipe smokers also enjoy cigars as well. However, cigars do not offer as great of a variety of smoking pleasures as do pipes.


Cigar tobacco is all pretty similar. It does vary from county to country,from region to region, and from priming to priming. There are varieties of wrappers, binders, and fillers. Still, every all-tobacco cigar tastes like..well, a cigar (I am excluding those paper-binded things people buy in drug stores).

On the other hand, pipe tobacco is grown in a far greater range of geographic areas, each with its own strains of leaf, each grown and processed in its own ways. The differences in the flavors of these regional tobaccos are striking. For example, the campfire-like flavor of nutty latakia (a dark tobacco cured by the smoke of smoldering herbs) tastes nothing like Perique(a fermented tobacco with a spicy sweet raisin flavor). Neither of these taste anything like Xanthi (which tastes just like roasted chestnuts) or red Virginia (which has a flavor like dried cherries). Blending these tobaccos leads to an even greater spectrum of flavors. In addition, natural scents and essences can be added to pipe tobacco, expanding the horizons even more!!!

An apt analogy might be that cigar smoking is like using a monochrome monitor,while pipe smoking is using a 24-bit color card with a 17 inch monitor.


Pipes are a feast for the eye as well as for the palate. And the beauty lasts long after the smoke, since the pipe itself remains. It can be enjoyed visually without even smoking it. True, a cigar humidor can be attractive as well, but the variety of pipe shapes, sizes, and materials is far vaster than the variety of humidor styles.


An hour-long smoke of an all-tobacco cigar will range in cost from about$1.00 (for a bundle cigar) to $15.00 (for a Davidoff or Cuban) or more.0.2 ounces of pipe tobacco (ample to fill most hour-long bowls) will cost from $0.20 to $0.40 if the tobacco is bought in bulk, and may cost as much as $1.00, if one buys a really expensive tobacco in small containers. Plus,a pipe is easier to stop smoking and relight than a cigar, without the occasionally unpleasant alteration in flavor that results when a cigar is relit.

Convenience and Cleanliness

Pipes do require some preparation to smoke, and they may require the smoker to carry around a bit of equipment (generally not taking up more space than a pocket cigar case). But consider that while smoking them, one does not have to look around for an ashtray or other place to flick the ashes. An occassional tamping is sufficient to keep the ashes in their place until a suitable receptacle can be found.

Further, if a person is smoking a pipe and enters a location where smoking is not permitted, placing the pipe in a coat pocket will solve the problem.The pipe will go out on its own (and the ashes do not spill out as easily as one might think), and the pipe can be easily relit later.

Pipes are better than cigarettes...

In addition to all of the advantages pipes have over cigars, pipes share with cigars a major advantage over cigarettes--one does not have to inhale pipes to get a great deal of enjoyment from them. Since the flavors are so intense, the enjoyment of the tastes and aromas obviates the need (and desire) to take the smoke into your lungs. Pipes are thus much safer than cigarette smoking.

It may even be that, since no nitrated paper is used and since the pipe tobacco contains fewer additives, inhaling pipe smoke is less dangerous than inhaling cigarette smoke!! The Surgeon General's report on smoking in 1964 found that pipe smokers who inhale lived about as long as non-smokers,and much longer than cigarette smokers.

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