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Mark Twain with pipe (images/clemens.jpg)

include Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain

This is a list of prominent people (in fields other than tobacco production or sales) who smoke(d) a pipe for enjoyment. This characterization is based on the person smoking a pipe for a long enough period in their lives that others noted their pipe-smoking or photographed them smoking a pipe. Actors who smoked pipes for roles are not included, unless they also smoked them privately.

If you have any names you think ought to be added to this list (or removed) , please contact me at

Last updated 15 July1996

Abbott, John (Actor)
Adams, John (President of U.S., Statesman)
Anderson, Sparky (sports figure)
Armstrong, Neil (Astronaut)
Atkins, Chet (Entertainer)
Aykroyd, Dan (Entertainer)
Bach, Johann S. (Composer)
Bacon, Sir Francis (Intellectual, Scholar)
Baldwin, Stanley (English Prime Minister, Statesman)
Barrie, Sir James M. (Writer)
Barth, Karl (Theologian)
Baudelaire, Charles (Poet)
Bell, Alexander Graham (Inventer)
Bellamy, Ralph (Actor)
Benchley, Robert (Humorist, Writer)
Benn, Tony (English Political Leader)
Benhard, Prince of the Netherlands
Bildt, Carl (Swedish Prime Minister)
Bismarck, Prince Otto Eduard Leoplold von (German statesman)
Blucher, Gen. Gebhard von (Prussian military leader)
Bohr, Neils (Physicist)
Braxton, Anthony (Composer, Musician)
Brera, Gianni (Italian sports journalist)
Brett, Jeremy (Actor)
Bruce, Nigel (Actor)
Brynner, Yul (Actor)
Burns, Arthur (Economist, Chair of U.S. Fed. Reserve)
Byrd, Richard E. (Explorer)
Byron (George Gordon, Lord Byron; Poet)
Cannell, Stephen J. (Writer; television creator, producer, and host)
Carlson, Chet (inventor of Xerography)
Carter, Ron (Musician)
Casals, Pablo (cellist, conductor)
Cerf, Bennett (Humorist)
Chancellor, John (U.S. news broadcaster)
Chandler, Raymond (Writer)
Chapman, Graham (English entertainer, member of Monty Python)
Cheever, John (Writer)
Chenault, Claire (founder of Flying Tigers, WWII General)
Chomsky, Noam (Linguist, Political Activist)
Clemens, Samuel (Mark Twain; writer)
Conrad, Paul (Cartoonist)
Conrad, William (Actor)
Corbiere, Tristan (Poet)
Cosby, William "Bill", Jr. (Entertainer)
Crane, Stephen (Writer)
Crocket, Davy (U.S. Congressman, frontiersman)
Cronkite, Walter (TV Journalist)
Cronyn, Hume (Actor)
Crosby, Bing (Singer, Actor)
Cushing, Peter (Actor)
Dannay, Frederic (one-half of Ellery Queen; Writer)
Darwin, Charles (Biologist)
Davis, Angela (Political activist, academic)
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan (Writer)
Duchamp, Marcel (Artist)
Dulles, Allen (Diplomat, Head of CIA)
Dunn, Donald "Duck" (Musician)
Dupine, A.A.L. (George Sand; writer)
Earp, Wyatt (U.S. Frontier figure)
Eckstine, Billy (Singer)
Edward VII, King of England (Prince Albert of Wales)
A "Prince of Wales" Pipe, as designed for Prince Albert
Einstein, Albert (Physicist, Mathematician)
Eisenhower, Dwight (Military leader, President of U.S.)
Ellison, Harlan (Writer)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo (Poet)
Euler, Leonard (Mathematician)
Farber, Myron (Writer, Journalist)
Faulkner, William (Writer)
Feiffer, Jules (Cartoonist, Humorist)
Fenwick, Millicent (US Congress Member, Stateswoman)
Fitzgerald, Barry (Actor)
Fitzgerald, Ray (Sports writer)
Foote, Shelby (Writer)
Ford, Gerald (U.S. President, Statesman)
Ford, John (Film director)
Fox, Richard (Actor)
Franks, Dr. Robert, Lord (English Diplomat)
Frederick I, King of Prussia
Frederick, King of Denmark
Frederick-Wilhelm I, King of Prussia
Freud, Sigmund (Psychaitrist)
Fugard, Athol (Playwright)
Gable, Clark (Actor)
Galway, James (Flutist)
Garbo, Greta (Actress)
Gardner, John (Writer)
Geisel, Theodor Seuss ("Dr. Seuss"; Writer, Cartoonist, Animator)
Gershwin, Ira (Lyricist)
Godfrey, Arthur (Broadcaster)
Gould, Morton (Composer)
Graham, Kenneth (Writer)
Granger, Stewart (Actor)
Grant, Cary (Actor)
Grant, Ulysses S. (U.S. President, Military Leader)
Gross, Michael (Actor)
Hackett, Buddy (Entertainer)
Hackett, Joan (Actress)
Hanke, Steven (Economist, writer)
Harriot, James (Writer, Vet)
Harrison, William H. (U.S. President)
Hefner, Hugh (Publisher)
Heinsohn, Tommy (Sports Figure)
Hemingway, Ernest (Writer)
Hockney, David (Artist)
Hoffer, Eric (Writer)
Holtz, Lou (U.S. Football Coach)
Hoover, Herbert (President of U.S., Statesman, Academic)
Hubble, Edwin P. (Astronomer)
Huxley, Thomas Henry (Scientist, Writer)
Jackson, Andrew (President of U.S., Statesman)
Jackson, Mrs Andrew (First Lady of U.S.)
Jammes, Francis (Poet)
Jerome, Jerome K. (Writer)
Joyce, James (Writer)
Jung, Carl Gustav (Psychologist)
Karloff, Boris (Actor)
Kaye, Danny (Entertainer)
Kern, Jerome (Composer)
Kinnock, Neil (English Political Leader)
Kipling, Rudyard (Writer)
Klavan, Gene (Critic)
Kleber, Jean Baptiste (French military leader)
Kohl, Helmut (Chancellor of W. Germany)
Korda, Michael (Writer)
Kramer, Hilton (Writer)
Kruger, S.J. Paulus ("Oom Paul"; President of South Africa)
(images/oompaul.jpg)An "Oom Paul" Pipe, as designed for Paulus Kruger
LaGuardia, Fiorella (Mayor of New York, Statesman)
LaSalle (Military leader)
Leakey, Richard (Anthropologist)
Lederman, Leon (physicist)
Lemmon, Jack (Actor)
Letterman, David (Entertainer)
Lewis, C.S. (Writer)
Lewis, Jerry Lee (Singer, Musician)
Lewis, Sinclair (Writer)
MacArthur, Gen. Douglas (Military leader)
(images/macscob.jpg)Gen. MacArthur and his corncob pipe
MacKenzie, Sir Compton (Writer)
MacMurray, Fred (Actor)
Malle, Louis (Film Director)
Mancini, Henry (Composer)
Mandel, Marvin (Gov. of Maryland)
Manet, Edouard (artist)
Mankiewicz, Joseph (Film Director)
Marney, Carlyle (Baptist Minister, Scholar)
Martin, Billy (Sports figure)
Marx, Julius Arthur "Groucho" (comedian)
Masterson, William B. "Bat" (Frontier lawman, journalist)
Maugham, Somerset (Writer)
McBride, James (Film Director)
McDowell, Malcolm (Actor)
McRaney, Gerald (Actor)
Melville, Herman (Writer)
Mencken, H.L. (Journalist, Writer, Humorist)
Miller, Arthur (playwright)
Milne, A.A. (Writer)
Mingus, Charles (Musician, Composer)
Moliere, Jean Baptiste (Playwright)
Mondrian, Piet (Artist)
Morley, Christopher (Writer)
Murat (Military leader)
Naipaul,V.S. (novelist)
Newton, Sir Isaac (Physicist, Mathematician)
O'Brien, Pat (Actor)
O'Brien, Pat (TV sportscaster)
Oppenheimer, Robert (Physicist)
Oudinot (Military leader)
Pampadour, Marquise de (French Aristocrat)
Papandreou, Andreas (Greek Statesman)
Parker, Jameson (Actor)
Parks, Gordon (Photographer, Film Director, Writer)
Patton, Gen. George S., Jr. (Military leader)
Pershing, Gen. John "Blackjack" (Military leader)
Pertini, Sandro (Italian President)
Piaget, Jean (Behaviorist, Scientist)
Poindexter, Adm. John F. (Military leader, Iran-Contra figure)
Porsche, Ferdinand (Automobile designer)
A Porsche Pipe, designed by Siegfried Ebner of Porsche
Powell, William (Actor)
Priestley, J.B (Writer)
Pritchett, V.S. (Writer)
Quayle, Anthony (Actor)
Rathbone, Basil (Actor)
"Rathbone" pipe, made by Peterson in honor of the actor
Reagan, Ronald (U.S. President, Statesman, Actor)
Reston, James (Journalist)
Richardson, Sir Ralph (Actor)
Robinson, Edward G. (Actor)
Rockwell, Norman (Artist)
Roosevelt, Franklin (U.S. President, Statesman)
Rose, David (Composer)
Rosten, Leo (Writer)
Russell, Bertrand (Philosopher)
Ruth, George Herman "Babe" (Sports figure)
Ryan, Buddy (Sports figure)
Sabin, Albert (Scientist)
Sadat, Anwar (Egyptian President, Statesman)
Salk, Jonas (Scientist)
Sand, George (see Dupine, AAL)
Sandburg, Carl (Poet, writer)
Sarowiwa, Ken (Nigerian author)
Sartre, Jean-Paul (Philosopher)
Scalia, Antonin (U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Scholar)
Schaefer, Jack (Writer)
Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. (Historian)
Schlesinger, James (U.S. Defense Secretary)
Schnellenberger , Howard (U.S. Football Coach)
Schwarzenegger, Arnold (Actor)
Schweitzer, Albert (Missionary, Doctor)
Scott, Randell Falcon (English South Pole Explorer)
Seuss, Dr. (See Geisel, Theodor)
Sequoia (developed Cherokee alphabet)
Shackelford, Ted (Actor)
Shaw, Irwin (Writer)
Shirer, William (Writer, journalist)
Sikking, James (Actor)
Simenon, Georges (Writer)
Simon, Norton (Philanthropist, businessman)
Simon, William (Writer, politician)
Spelling, Aaron (Television Producer)
Stalin, Joseph (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili; Dictator, Mass Murderer)
Stallone, Sylvester (Actor)
Stein, Gertrude (Intellectual)
Stevens, George (Film Director)
Stevenson, Coke (Gov. of Texas)
Tati, Jacques (Actor)
Taurog, Norman (Film Director)
Taylor, Mrs. Zachary (First Lady of U.S.)
Tennyson (Alfred, Lord Tennyson; Poet)
Thurber, James (Cartoonist, humorist)
Tolkien, J.R.R. (Writer)
Tracy, Spencer (Actor)
Trudeau, Pierre (Canadian Prime Minister, Statesman)
Twain, Mark (see Clemens, Samuel)
Van Buren, Martin (U.S. President)
Van Gogh, Vincent (Artist)
Victoria, Queen of England
Villa, Bob (Television "how-to" personality)
Walesa, Lech (Polish Statesman)
Wallace, Irving (Writer)
Waters, Frank (Writer)
Waugh, Evelyn (Writer)
Welles, Orson (Film Director, Actor)
Weston, Edward (photographer)
Whitmore, James (Actor)
Wilson, Harold, Lord (English Prime Minister, Statesman)
Wodehouse, P.G. (Writer)
Yermakov, Nicholas (Writer)
Young, John (Astronaut)
Young, Robert (Actor)

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